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Laser lights for bikes helping keep cyclists safe

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Blazefeed, an urban cycling band, have created a new laser light that helps keep cyclists safe on the road by making them more visible to oncoming vehicles.

Blaze (, a creative and innovative urban cycling brand, has created a new product known as the ‘Laserlight’.  It is designed to improve cyclist’s visibility to motorists on the road.

The lasers will project a bright green logo of a bicycle in front of the cyclist, helping to increase the safety of the cyclists on the road.  These bright laser lights will make it easier for vehicles to see the cyclists and will help prevent possible accidents.

Emily Brooke, the CEO and founder of Blaze who created Blaze in a final year university project, has said, “The Laserlight was born out of a desire to solve a problem and make a tangible contribution to improving cycle safety. Its development has been routed in research and data to ensure that it will make the required impact on visibility. We can confidently say that by using the Blaze Laserlight you are more visible to other road users in pitch black than you are in broad daylight; making it an essential part of your urban cycling kit.”

Chief operating officer Phil Ellis has said, “Personal safety is still the biggest barrier to cycling. We designed the Blaze Laserlight to actively reduce collisions and near misses by giving cyclists a larger footprint on the road, and helping them be seen in situations where they are otherwise invisible.”

Currently, the lasers lights are on a trial period.  If this period is successful, it is estimated that all 11,500 bikes for hire in England will be equipped with these new and improved safety lasers.

A recent study by the Transport Research Laboratory showed that cyclists using Laserlights are 96% visible to drivers at night, in comparison to being 74% visible with a standard LED light.

Why Green? 

The laserlight is green as the human eye is most receptive to the light of that wavelength (530nm)


The laserlight is also waterproof!  You could submerge into 1m of water for over an hour.

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