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LIV Test Instrument


The Yelo LIV test instrument allows LIV measurements to be taken from laser devices loaded into a Yelo module. This module can also be used with the Yelo Y1000L Low Power Burn-in system. The LIV test instrument has been designed for easy operation. Once powered on, and with laser supply enabled, the touch screen can be used to initiate, monitor and review measurements of laser devices.

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What is a Light Current Voltage (LIV) Test?

A light-current-voltage (LIV) test is one of the essential tests that a laser diode must go through to ensure its reliability for post production use. This test will help to verify the operating characteristics of your laser device. The test works by driving current to your laser diode and measuring the resulting voltage and light output. The results are then plotted into a graph, which is known as an “LIV curve”. 

Measure light and voltage output of laser devices

Tests up to 32 laser devices

Can be used as a benchtop or in rack system

User friendly software

Easily set and edit test parameters

Tests TO-56 and Chip on Carrier, VCSEL's and custom packages

Video Overview

A short video explaining how the LIV Test instrument works.


User friendly GUI

Easily set and edit the starting current, maximum current, temperature, step delay and step size of the LIV measrements on the user friendly touch screen software. 


Easily Edit Test Settings

This screenshot shows the test settings editor. In this example you may choose the Source Drive Parameters for each specific device and specific channels on a device, as required.

Alarms and safety feature

The software comes with many safety features. It will run a low current to the laser device to ensure that all connectors are in place and that your full test is safe to run. 


Test Results

Perform spot scan calculations, sweep scan tests and temperature cycling.

Results for all devices will be shown on a graph. Alternatively, you can choose to view the individual results of each laser device. This image represents the voltage and current characteristics of the laser device. Other results such as LIV can also be plotted.

All results can then be saved as a txt file and sent to the Y1000L Burn-in system.


  • Product: 44.4cm (Front) x 17.6cm (Height) x 40.5cm (Side)

  • Screen: 10.1" touch screen 



  • TO-56

  • Chip on Carrier 

  • Custom Packages
  • Channels: Up to 32 Channels 

  • Temperature range: 25 C - 150 C

  • Max current per device:  Up to 1 Amp

We have aimed to make this the fastest and easiest way possible for users to get their measurements. The user interface has been specifically designed with a clean layout and straightforward set up so that the user can start driving current and testing their laser device as soon as they take it out of the box. 

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