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What is Yelo Test Environment?

The Yelo Test Environment (YTE) is an automated test environment developed by Yelo. Test sequences can be developed for multiple products and are tailored to customer needs and specifications. Flexibility in testing is a key benefit of the YTE and is provided to the user by allowing management of test sequence order. There is also the ability for the user to change the test limits or parameters for more or less stringent testing depending on requirements.


YTE 5.0 makes it easier than ever to program and manage your tests. With more intuitive tools and built-in graphing of test data, you’ll get productive quickly – even novices can start programming tests immediately. YTE 5.0 has the fundamental test management features that you need to control and monitor your tests, so your production stays on track.

Identify Defective Devices

You will be able to easily spot any defective devices and YTE 5.0 will quickly determine which tests your device failed.

Take Control Of Your Tests

YTE 5.0 helps you stay productive by allowing you to create and edit tests with easy-to-use tools.

Easily Program Tests

YTE 5.0 allows you to easily program your own tests. Using the user-friendly layout, you can program the tests you want and parameters.

Simply Set Limits

Set and edit limits for each test to determine Pass/Fail parameters.

Quickly Receive Data

YTE 5.0 will break down your data into an easy-to-read report.

Make Sense Of Your Test Data

YTE 5.0 helps you to visualize your test data, with easy-to-read graphs, and determine your pass/fail percentage rate. 

YTE Demo

The video below shows a demo test sequence being carried out by the YTE.
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