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Yelo PXI Test Instrumentation

YELO PXI Test Instrumentation

General Purpose Functional Tester

The Yelo Pixi general purpose tester is a PXI based functional test system with in-circuit and continuity capability. Built into a free standing 19” rack is a PXI chassis, mass interconnect fixture interface, PC, flat screen and space for additional user selectable instrumentation.

37U 19” rack with a fixture interface

Rack mount PC with MXI interface.

LCD & keyboard mounted on side arm for operator ergonomics.

Mains distribution unit (MDU) and emergency stop button provide in built safety features.

Analogue in-circuit capability

Functional test uses PXI instruments and multiplexes these through the relay matrix

Power supplies are rack mounted and hard wired

9U of uncommitted space for user selected instruments.

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Software Features

The Yelo Test Executive software provides a standard user interface and test sequencer and includes a wide range of reporting options. The high level functional test program imports user parameters to allow tests to be developed without the need to write any software code. Also included are standard continuity and in-circuit test programs which are able to read in net lists and component lists from file and test directly against these.

The standard test functions or VI’s that automatically resolve the switching routes from the instruments to specific pins on the fixture interface. These VI’s will allow the user to specify pin numbers on the fixture as part of a DMM or other instrument measurement call. This includes VI’s to provide continuity and in-circuit measurements.
  • The system is housed in a 37U 19” rack with a fixture interface mounted at desk height complete with shelf for supporting the fixture Rack mount PC with MXI interface. 

  • The system uses a PXI chassis and a number of high density matrix cards combined with an LCR card to create an analogue in-circuit capability. A guarding card is also fitted to provide guard capability.
  • Functional test uses PXI instruments and multiplexes these through the relay matrix used for the in-circuit capability. Power supplies are rack mounted and hard wired to their own connector on the fixture interface.
  • 9U of uncommitted space for user selected instruments.
  • LCD & keyboard mounted on side arm for operator ergonomics. Mains distribution unit (MDU) and emergency stop button provide in built safety features. 

Hardware Features


Fixture Interface Features

The fixture interface is designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. There are 15 connector positions each 20mm x 100mm in
size. Each position can be fitted with a range of connectors to suit the type of signals that will be used, the standard connector is a 96 way DIN
41216 style but the range includes high density 192 pin connectors, 40 Amp power connectors and high frequency coaxial connectors. Each of
the connector blocks is wired to a card in the PXI chassis.

When a fixture or adaptor is attached to the 
interface it aligns accurately using dowels and then using a clamping mechanism is secured in place. There is vacuum and pneumatic control built in to the interface to facilitate the use of either type of fixture.


  • 37U high 19” rack on heavy duty castors (option for 27U high rack)
  • Mains Distribution Unit (MDU) 4U with EPO
  • Industrial rack mount PC - 4U
  • 17” LCD display
  • 18 slot PXI chassis NI PXI-1045
  • NI PXI-4070, 6½ digit DMM
  • PXI 6602 Timer counter
  • PXI 5402 Function generator
  • NI PXI-2532 128x4 matrix card (reed relay)
  • NI PXI-2503 24 chan mux
  • NI PXI-4110, triple PSU
  • NI PXI-6509, 96 way DIO
  • 15 slot Fixture interface
  • Test executive (YTE)
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