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Installation of Robotic Arm to handle microscopic components for Yelo's R&D SMART Nano Project

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Over the last few months, the Yelo R&D team has been training to use a high-tech robotic arm that can handle microscopic and potentially nano-scale components.  The arm will be able to place, remove, and adjust these components allowing for testing without losing the tiny structures.  This is the story so far... 

April 2024

Yelo ’s R&D team is at Percipio Robotics in France.  As part of their ongoing Smart Nano NI projects the team is training in using a custom-programmed robotic system that will handle micron-scale components for their next generation of technology development. This robotic system will allow the team to develop the micron-scale components by adding the capability of handling, placing, and testing them with high precision without causing any damage (or losing them). This robotic arm will be a valuable addition to the SMART Nano NI lab based at Queens University, Belfast – exciting times ahead – how small can the team make devices - watch this space.... or should we say get your microscope out to watch this space...


May 2024

The Yelo R&D team and colleagues from QUB are back at Percipio Robotics in France for the second training phase this week. The team is refining their knowledge of the custom robotic system that will handle micron-scale components allowing Yelo to progress to the next phase of their R&D project for SMART Nano.

This equipment will allow the team to handle, assemble, and place micron-scale components without damaging or losing them. Phase three of the training will be back in Belfast at
Queen's University Belfast where Percipio Robotics will install the equipment in the SMART Nano Lab.

June 2024

This week's highlight is that the Yelo R&D team is completing their training from Percipio Robotics in the Smart Nano NI Lab at Queen's University Belfast. The team has spent two weeks with Percipio Robotics in France learning how to use the system and now it's time to have all the equipment installed in Belfast for local use.

This is a fantastic addition to the Smart Nano Lab and will progress Yelo's project to the next stage - exciting times ahead - 👀 watch this microscopic space!

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