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Low Power Laser Diode Burn-in Selection Guide

The low power series of burn-in and life test systems are designed to test the reliability of low power laser diodes up to 1 Amp in current. The modular design means they can test up to 2,048 lasers, however due to the flexibility of the system, it can be adapted to suit both low volume R&D environments and high volume production environments.

The system performs burn-in stress tests on all laser diodes. The data from these tests can be used to identify and remove defective devices from reaching the end customer.

The system can also perform life testing on a representative sample of laser diodes from a wafer. This test data can be used to establish the long term reliability of the laser.

Which system is for you?

There are two systems in Yelo's Y1000 series;
  • Y1000S (the standard system)
  • Y1000P (the system most suited for Production Environments)
The following chart provides an overview of each system to help you decide which one is best for your requirements.

Y1000S (Standard)

Y1000P (Production)


18U Control Rack

39U Slave Rack

42U Master Rack

Keithley Instrumentation

Yelo Instrumentation

PC's (more PC's provide drawer redundancy)



Temperature Range

25 - 150°C

25 - 150°C

Maximum current drive for device

1 Amp

1 Amp

Air Cooled

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Floor Space Usage (Length x Depth)

800mm x 800mm

800mm x 800mm

Suitable for Production Environment

Suitable for R&D Environment


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