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Automated Test Equipment for PCBs, Sub Assemblies and Final Products

What Do Yelo Manufacture?

Yelo manufacture and design a variety of custom automated test equipment for printed circuit boards. Our test equipment architecture provides systems capable of both pre-functional and post functional testing for PCBs and final-assembled products. We design custom mechanical and pneumatic test fixtures using traditional bed of nails testing. These are controlled by our bench top Testpoint station. We also manufacture a rack based PXI test system which uses off-the-shelf test equipment and instrumentation.

The Benefits Of Automated Test Equipment

There are many benefits associated with the use of automated test equipment:

Reduced Test and Cycle Times

Manual testing of products involves a lot of time being spent by engineering resource in troubleshooting each test in order to progress the product to the next stage. By automating tests, the time required to test each individual product becomes consistent, therefore reducing individual test times.

Overall test cycle times are reduced as the engineering resource of the business can focus on any test issues that arise, rather than spending time carrying out the tests. As both product and test mature, a greater number of units will pass first time. This also significantly reduces test cycle times.

Operator De-skilling

The major downfall of manual test procedures is that the process itself contains many areas in which data input error may occur. Yelo's automated test equipment requires data input only once, and prevents data input errors. Again, this method also aids in the reduction of test cycle times as the focus becomes getting the product tested rather than spending time on data input. The operator also does not have to waste time remembering where tests were left off or reading documentation as the procedure is automated. The testing procedure does not require engineering or troubleshooting skills. Engineering resources are only required when a test fails so can be better utilised elsewhere.

Consistency of Product & Test

The speed and accuracy of a manual testing process is determined by the skill of the test operator. With automated tests, the speed of the test and getting the product through the test can be achieved using a less technically trained operator with a lower wage cost. Due to the test equipment involved, the consistency of the overall test is also not determined by the skill level of the test operator. This again allows the engineering resources of the company to be put to better use on other issues.

Test Data Management

As mentioned before, there is the possibility for mistakes to be easily made when data input is required. The automated test equipment developed by Yelo includes the Yelo Test Executive. This is the software we use to control our tests and monitor data. Through using this software, the number of errors involved can be significantly reduced. It also enables fast analysis and tracking of test data which can help lead to improved product reliability sooner in the testing process. There is also better reporting available, where an automated PDF can be emailed to the customer. Low cost bar coding and serial number tracking can be added to automated test.
The most important features of automated test equipment data management software are the statistical analysis that can be utilised, easily changing the limits of tests, improving component selection, finding problem components and improving overall test design.

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