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Functional testing of printed circuit boards, sub assemblies and finished products

Yelo Testpoint is an extremely modular and flexible system, allowing you to scale to any size operation, and to add almost any new test requirements. Ideally suited to cellular manufacturing, the system can be used to complement an existing ATE, as a functional test add-on, or as a diagnostic work station. Its compact, space-saving construction has multiple interface positions to accommodate both horizontal and vertical connections.

The Yelo Testpoint System combines traditional Bed of Nails In-Circuit Testing (ICT) with functional testing on a single bench-top station. Highly versatile and cost-effective, it is used for a wide range of testing on boards, sib assemblies and final products.

Yelo provides a full range of test cards as well as extensive software tools, simplifying ease of operation. Yelo software supports many standard telecom applications including acoustic, telephone, and modem testing.

Up to 15 user slots

Optional central measurement system

Bed of nails fixture interface

Built in power supplies

Optional vacuum ports

Menu system and operator keypad

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A brief demonstration of our Test Executive software, which is compatible with Testpoint. 

The Yelo Test Environment (YTE) is an automated test environment developed by Yelo. Test sequences can be developed for multiple products and are tailored to customer needs and specifications. Flexibility in testing is a key benefit of the YTE and is provided to the user by allowing management of test sequence order. There is also the ability for the user to change the test limits or parameters for more or less stringent testing depending on requirements.

System Range

Yelo 50

This system has been designed for applications that require minimal testing such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.

Yelo 125

Ideal for performing functional and in-circuit testing on applications such as defibrillators with low node counts.

Yelo 7130

The workhorse of the Yelo system range. It provides the resources needed for testing PCB assemblies.

Test Point Applications

For applications where a bed of nails is either impractical, or where volumes are too low to justify it, Yelo can be used for edge connector functional testing. In this case, the link between the unit under test (UUT) and the product edge connectors is made via a set of cables. Plug-in card fixtures can also be provided for this kind of testing. To enhance diagnostic information, the operator can be prompted and guided to probe by hand. Yelo can provide you with a large library of common tests for this guided probing, which includes visual pot setting aids.
One major benefit of the Yelo Testpoint system range is the tight combination of in-circuit and functional tests. This allows for both types of testing to be combined without requiring large numbers of cards in the system. This also allows for flexible test strategies: you will be able to adjust the percentages of in-circuit and functional tests performed on boards, with minimal reconfiguration.

The Yelo Testpoint system is used by many companies as a communications test system. By simply adding the Telecommunications Test Card, you have the capability to test phones, modems, and many other line-based products. Further cards provide pulse code modulation, caller line identification, and PBX test functions. Using the PCM Card, you can use the Yelo Testpoint to test digitally-based products.

This will help you simulate the signalling on the internal side of many Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, and it will enable cost-effective testing of terminals, phone features, and the PBX itself. Communications testing can be combined with bed of nails testing as part of a single fixture test strategy.


Testing assembled products, the Testpoint system is an extremely cost-effective platform for automated testing of finished products. For high-volume production, Yelo can be used to automate the end-of-line testing on cased, finished products. Yelo performs sophisticated, automatic switch, button, and LED display testing, handling a phone as an operator would.


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