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Travelling Wave Tube Test System

Travelling Wave Tube Test System

TWT Testers

Yelo has a wealth of experience in developing and customizing test systems for the Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) market. TWT testers feature specialized power supplies, measurement equipment, and comprehensive control and safety systems.

A rugged PLC is used to control all voltages and perform all monitoring functions. User interface and datalogging functions are provided by a supervisory PC that is electrically isolated from the PLC. Power Supplies are solid state with optical fibre barriers to ensure that all control/monitoring is carried out at safe voltages, and with maximum noise immunity. All safety interlocks are hardwired, and the testers are equipped with emergency shutdown features for added security.


Fully Automated

Full automation allows for complex testing to be performed without supervision

Operator De-skilling

Huge reduction in operator skill level requirements


Cost Saving

Reuse existing fixturing and safety test systems to reduce costs


  • Cathode energy, current limiting, and crowbar for TWT protection

  • Hot/cold plates, jigs and fixtures, thermal management

  • All supplies are modular and easily replaced or repaired

  • Testing, focusing and ageing, continuous or pulsed operation

  • Solid state switching for smaller footprint and enhanced control

  • PLC/PC control for optimum flexibility

  • Cathode supplies to 40kV at 0.5A mean and beyond

  • PRF up to 1 MHz

  • Tube rise/fall times of typically 0.05-20uS

Supported Tube Types

Modulated Grid TWT
Pulsed TWT
Klystons (Linear-beam Tubes)

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