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Yelo Matched Funding Partner for the Concern Ration Challenge 2022

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Yelo is once again delighted to be a Matched Funding Partner for the Concern Ration Challenge 2022.  


According to Concern Worldwide, nearly one in every 100 people on earth has been forced from their homes by conflict or disaster. That’s more than 100 million people – most ever on record. In the last 12 months, we have witnessed violent conflict and unrest unfold around the world, including Afghanistan and most recently Ukraine. This year also marks the 11th anniversary of the conflict in Syria. We’ve also seen an unprecedented rise in natural disasters and unpredictable weather patterns”


The Rational Challenge

For one week, participants will eat the same rations, in almost the same quantities as Syrian refugees in Jordan. The challenge will take place from 19 -25 June 2022.


For the week of the challenge, you’ll drink only water and eat only the rations and a multivitamin (optional). That’s right, no coffee, sugar, or alcohol! (Unless you earn rewards).


To find out more or take part in the challenge please visit

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